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If you're ready to simplify your life, save time and be more profitable, Harken is here to take your BOV's to the next level.


1 User

Up to 10 BOV's Monthly

Comps Database

$100 / User / Month

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1 User

Unlimited BOV's

Comps Database

$300 / User / Month

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Unlimited Users

Unlimited BOV's

Unlimited Comps Database

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Looking for more info? View our FAQ section below.

You have questions?

We have answers. If you don't see what you're looking for below, contact us any time!

How long am I committed?

All subscriptions are month to month. Cancel whenever you want. 


Yes! Actually. You can have unlimited admin accounts which can access/add/modify your company’s comps. These accounts are not able to create BOV’s.

How will I be billed?

Monthly, via credit card, 30 days in advance, just like your Netflix account.

How do I get my comps into Harken?

We'll do it, for free, if you send them in an excel/CSV format. 

Can I cancel at any time?

Oh yes, but we don’t think that’s smart.

Are my comps private?

Yes, no other users or companies will ever have access to your source data and we do not sell your source data.

Who built Harken?

Two commercial real estate brokers in Montana who were tired of using antiquated tools.

How can I schedule a Demo?

Click the "Schedule a Demo" button throughout the website, or contact Matt at m@harkencre.com

Are the BOV's Dodd Frank Compliant?

The BOV form includes all fields you'll need to comply with Dodd Frank for bank related work. 

Let Harken Help You Gain More Control &

Make the Most of Your Time

In our industry we work hard and we need to work fast. Replacing antiquated tools with Harken's intuitive and innovative technology you'll save time and make more money.

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